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In memory of Marine Jonathan Wigley
Zulu Company, 45Cdo
05.07.85 - 05.12.06

Shrapnel aims to raise awareness of the number of life changing injuries suffered by our troops and to help towards the cost of high spec wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, communication aids and other related disability equipment to enable our lads to live fully active lives again.

In memory of marine Jonathan Wigley - photo

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There are many that need our help and the more we are the further our reach will go.


Naomi Adie

People we helped

Discharged from the Royal Air Force in 2014 Naomi found sport again in 2016.

24th November 2018

Christmas Sale


Our next event will be the 2018 Christmas Sale.

30th June 2018

Rolling Thunder


A huge thank you to John Hageman and Rolling Thunder ‘The Vietnam Experience’ for their fundraising efforts.